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2021 Beauty and Beau Winners

Olivia Grace Gorton, Reilly Greenwood, Most Beautiful - Sara Kyle Millican, Most Handsome - Brett Hughes, Mary Kiker Davis, and Grant Tirey.



Seventh Grade Favorites Ariana Lewis
  Steele Taylor
Eighth Grade Favorites Hailey Rodgers
  Brandon Prewitt
Ninth Grade Favorites Jada Foster
  Briar Turner
Mr. Junior High Briar Turner
Most Likely to Succeed Ansley Stewart
  Brett Hughes
Best Dressed Kolby Donahoo
  Colby Alderman
Most School Spirit Randa Barnes
  Grant Tirey
Most Athletic Olivia Grace Gorton
  Nehemiah Coalson
Wittiest Emily Williams
  Riley Bellipanni
Friendliest Tori Byars
  Logan Heigle
Most Polite Olivia Grace Gorton
  Logan Heigle
Best Personality Jayson Robles
  Randa Barnes
Most Intellectual Olivia Grace Gorton
  Colby Alderman
10th Grade Favorites Sara Kyle Millican
  Seige Rowland
11th Grade Favorites Kolby Donahoo
  Nehemiah Coalson
12th Grade Favorites Jennifer Foxworth
  Brett Hughes
Fascinating Freshman Toryee Bateast
Silliest Sophomore Jayson Robles
Jolliest Junior Tori Byars
Sunniest Senior Grant Tirey
Mr. HA  Parker Bell
Miss. HA Jennifer Foxworth

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November 29th - December 6th

  Lunch Menu

Monday: sausage pizza, sweet corn, fruit

Tuesday: hot dog, fries, fruit

Wednesday: hamburger/cheeseburger, fries, fruit

Thursday: golden/hot wings, fries fruit

Friday : fried fish, fries, fruit

Monday the 6th - shrimp alfredo, peas, roll, fruit





Lunch Prices for 2021-2022

Plate Lunch (does not include drink) $4.50
Hamburger $2.50
Cheeseburger $2.75
Chicken Sandwich $3.00
Salad (small or large) $3.00/$4.00
Baked potato $2.50
Chips (small or large bag) $.75/$1.50
Beef jerky $1.25
Ice cream/ Popsicle $.75
Cookie $.25
Milk $.50
Sweet tea $.50
Lemonade $.50
Bottled water $.75
Cup of ice $.10


Under 40 CFR / 763.93 (10), the Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is a public document to Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff each year as required by AHERA for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in Schools.