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About Us

  Humphreys Academy was established in 1968 in the old Silver City school building. That first year the school only went through the ninth grade. In 1969, the high school building was completed at its present site in Belzoni, and classes went through the twelfth grade. In 1973, the elementary school and cafeteria were added.

  Education in a democracy should develop in each individual the knowledge, interests, ideals, habits and powers to function productively in the environment in which he lives. We, the faculty, parents and students of Humphreys Academy, believe that school is society's chief agency for preserving and improving the democratic way of life. We believe education, growth and learning are continuous. We believe the school must be concerned with the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of each child; that success, recognition, security, affection, self-respect, and understanding are required for a healthy personality.

  Children differ in many ways, and teachers must learn to plan in terms of the needs of each child and look for results on an individual basis. Children learn best when they are interested, when they have some purpose in connection with their work, and when they help plan their activities and experiences. The efforts of the teacher should be directed toward providing the child with varied experiences appropriate to his needs and ability, so that he will show progressive growth in learning to adjust to a changing world. This growth must be accomplished through the mastery of such indispensable skills as reading, speaking, writing and computing. Thus, our philosophy places strong emphasis upon the basic skills contained in the school curriculum. In addition to these basic skills, emphasis should be placed on attitudes, social adjustment, ideals, an appreciation of the fine arts, and a respect for the traditions that belong to our country's patriotic and cultural heritage.



Headmaster -  Joe Taylor

Bookkeeper - Deborah James

Counselor - Beth Bridges

Secretary- Courtney Taylor