High School/Junior High
Humphreys Academy Who's Who Winners for 2019
Most Athletic Guice Hill and Maya Byars
Best Dressed Kenny Coalson and Tori Still
Best Personality Zach Johnson and Lauren Prewitt
Wittiest Jay Whiteside and Maury McClellan
Most Polite Kenny Coalson and Lauren Prewitt
Friendliest Logan Heigle and Bonnie Champion
Most School Spirit  Guice Hill and Kennedie Rodgers
Most Likely to Succeed Caleb Gorton and Tori Still
Most Intellectual Caleb Gorton and Gracie Turner
Mr.& Mrs. HA Kenny Coalson and Maya Byars
12th Grade Favorites Evans Ashley and Bonnie Champion
Sunniest Senior Zach Johnson
11th Grade Favorites Jay Whiteside and Maury McClellan
Jolliest Junior Jay Whiteside
10th Grade Favorites Brett Hughes and Jane Dunn
Silliest Sop ho m ore Grant Tirey
9th Grade Favorites Alford Hill and Tori Byars
Fascinating Freshman Reilly  Greenwood
8th Grade  Favorites Seige Rowland and Sarah Kyle Millican
7th Grade Favorites Briar Turner and Abbie Grace Herring
Mr. and Mrs. Junior High HA Alford Hill and Olivia Grace Gorton


Class Officers and Student Council - 2018-2019

12th Grade Officers  
President: Guice Hill
Vice President: Maya Byars
Sec-Treasure: Bonnie Champion
Reporter: Kody Miles
11th Grade Officers  
President: Caleb Gorton
Vice President Kellum Barret
Sec- Treasurer: Jay Whiteside
Reporter: Addison Childs
10th Grade Officers  
President: Ethan Whitt
Vice President: Brett Hughes
Sec-Treasurer: Tucker Wells
Reporter: Jane Dunn
9th Grade Officers  
President: Olivia Grace Gorton
Vice President: Tori Byars
Sec-Treasurer: Skylar Roland
Reporter: Alford Hill
8th Grade Officers  
President: Seige Rowland
Vice President: Rainer Ledbetter
Sec-Treasurer: Mary Kiker Davis
Reporter: Madison Russell
7th Grade Officers  
President: Abbie Grace Herring
Vice President: Briar Turner
Sec-Treasurer: Ethan Higgs
Reporter: Joseph Rodgers


 12th Grade Student Council

Swayze Bell

Bonnie Champion

Maya Byars

11th Grade Student Council

Mason Fuller

Maury McClellan

Tondarrius Stallion

10th Grade Student Council

Jane Dunn

Brett Hughes

Ansley Stewart

9th Grade Student Council

Tori Byars

Olivia Grace Gorton

Skylar Roland

8th Grade Student Council

Anna Cochran

Sara Kyle Millican

7th Grade Student Council

Abbie Grace Herring

Briar Turner